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Royksopp: Norwegian Electro Kings

 Music In Scandinavia Scandinavian musicians have always had a knack for being unique. Regardless of ...

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Ladytron: Giving Female Artists a Voice in Electronica

It’s quite evident that there are certain stereotypes regarding female musicians. If you are a ...

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Kuvo Dj Revolution

Is KUVO Good or Bad for DJs?

Stepping into a club and dancing away for hours to the beat of a DJ’s ...

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EDM Dj Producer

Upcoming producers face incredible challenges

Mind Games Common to any field or line of work are the mind games. There ...

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Is vinyl making a comeback?

Vinyl record sales are up 40% from 2013. Why? Like many other things these days, ...

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Music Streaming Services

Music Streaming Services

Is the Future of Music Disposable? “Education in music is most sovereign, because more than ...

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