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Anjunabeats: The Global Music Label


Music labels come in all shapes and sizes. Some are over exalted, others are criminally underrated. Some define the artists, while others are defined by the artist. Some concentrate on bagging the biggest names in the industry, while others focus on grooming the talent of the future. The aims and ambitions of two record labels are never the same. However, at the end of the day, music labels around the world serve the same purpose of keeping us fed with quality music. If it had not been for labels, then the world would not have been exposed to the sheer brilliance of extraordinary artists from different corners of the globe. A music label is not just a recording company. It’s a platform for artists to showcase their unearthly abilities. It’s also a gateway for fans to intertwine with their beloved musicians. Without music labels, we wouldn’t have the luxury of compiling albums, nor would we be able to experience the excitement of live concerts. In today’s world and age, music labels are of utmost importance to the continued growth, development and evolution of music.

What Defines a Label

So we have already familiarized ourselves with certain music label stereotypes. The one that we will be discussing today deals with the identity of a music label. As mentioned before, some music labels make a name for themselves regardless of who or what has formed it. In the case of other music labels, the tag of a famous founder (preferably a world renowned artist) can be a key component in catapulting the label to heights of fame and popularity that it would not have achieved otherwise. When people get to know that a certain music label has been formed by their favourite artist, they would quite naturally be drawn towards the music that is being produced by the label, even if it has no resemblance to the kind of music that they are accustomed to listening to. Such can be the power of an influential artist. In the opinion of some, it’s an artist’s way of giving back to the music community. When a celebrity figure in music opens up a label, it usually paves a path for the unsung heroes or the hidden gems of the community to step up to the big leagues. The music label in focus today is a an example of a recording company that has been able to make waves courtesy of the renown of its founders. The name of the music label is Anjunabeats, and it’s a name that most hardcore fans of electronic/dance music (EDM) are probably familiar with.

Introducing Anjunabeats

The Anjunabeats label was founded and is owned by the famous Trance duo Above & Beyond. This group consists of the stars Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness and Pavo Siljamaki. The music label was established nearly 15 years ago in the year 2000. Like most of the electronic/dance music labels, this recording company is relatively new compared to the more mainstream labels that we often hear about. At the time of its inception, the plan was to create an outlet for the productions of Above & Beyond. Whether the founders had the vision to grow this label into the global phenomenon it is today is up for debate, but we can be certain about the fact that the releasing Above & Beyond tracks was the primary goal of Anjunabeats during its early days. However, it wouldn’t be too long before the founders decided to spread the wings of Anjunabeats and encompass an ever growing family of global talent. In the 14 years of its existence, Anjunabeats has being single-handedly responsible for gifting young, vibrant and talented musicians with the limelight that they so truly needed and deserved. If there was ever a music label that worked as a development territory for young artists, then it’s Anjunabeats. The critics may say that the company was merely making money out of the fascinating works of young talent. However, the truth is far from speculation. If it hadn’t been for Anjunabeats, then the careers of Mat Zo, Arty, Andrew Bayer, Boom Jinx, Super 8 & Tab, Oliver Smith, Jaytech, ilan Bluestone and many more would never have materialized into what it is today. Anjunabeats wasn’t only a launching pad for these artists. It was a home and a school for them. It was place where they perfected their art of music. It was an institution that allowed them to express their magic of creativity. It was a channel for them to let their ability shine in an international stage. If any of these artists were to be interviewed today, they would all be humble enough to acknowledge the fact that Anjunabeats gave them a wild roller coaster ride-style start to their careers that they could have never conceived in their wildest imaginations.

A Medium for Above & Beyond

Besides endeavouring to groom, nurture and expose young artists of the future, Anjunabeats is dedicated to showcasing the enchanting music of Above & Beyond to the world. It’s actually a two way street. The music label compliments the band, and the band compliments the label. Above & Beyond came up with a legendary compilation series for their label. This is known as the Anjunabeats Volume series and has been one of the hottest properties in the electronic/dance music industry for quite some time now. If you are looking for Above & Beyond classics to keep you enthralled and exhilarated, then look no further than the Anjunabeats collection. It contains the album Group Therapy which is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best album of its genre. Once again, we must be reminded of the fact that Anjunabeats covers a whole lot more than simply Above & Beyond. People who aren’t even fans of Above & Beyond may take a fancy to some of the other albums that have been produced by this music label. These would include Mat Zo’s eclectic “Damage Control” and Andrew Bayer’s experimental “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave You”.

Interesting Facts about Anjunabeats

Now here’s a statistic that is likely to shake you up a little. More than 3000 released bear the iconic Anjuna “A”. Almost all of these releases fall within the periphery of Trance music. There are a few exceptions here and there. Nonetheless, it would be fair to label Anjunabeats as a Trance exclusive music label. Here’s another interesting fact about Anjunabeats that you are probably not aware of. The word Anjuna originates from the Asian subcontinental land of India. In that place, Anjuna refers to a beach in Goa, which is a district of India. The reason why this particular name was chosen by the founders of Anjunabeats is because back in the 1960s or perhaps the 1970s as well, Goa was a very popular destination for hippies. Trance music and the hippie culture is not associated per se, but one can make certain obvious connections. Both hippies and lovers of Trance music have an affinity for a supernatural or unearthly realm. People who listen to Trance music often experience a feeling of mental and spiritual numbness. Some listeners describe it as an experience that takes them out of the terrestrial world and into a celestial dimension. Perhaps this is the reason why Anjuna was chosen as the name for a record label that serves exclusively to the Trance community.

Founders of Anjunabeats

As noted before, the founder of Anjunabeats are Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamaki. Each of them have left their mark in the electronic music community. As a result, when they partnered up to create a label, the success of the label became quite inevitable. People were inclined to listen to the music of Anjunabeats because of the reputation that these three had built over the years. Here’s a short description about the life and career of each of these 3 amazing figures in the world of music.

Jono Grant: He is an English musician who was born in the year 1979. He gained mainstream reputation in the year 1999 when he was given an opportunity to remix “U Sure Do” by the The Strike. He specializes in Trance and Progressive House. He was a student of Commercial Music in the well reputed University of Westminister.

Tony McGuinness: He is originally a guitarist and a songwriter by profession and was born in England in the year 1969. Prior to working with Above & Beyond, he had served in the cult indie band called Sad Lovers & Giants for nearly 10 years. He is currently working as a Trance DJ and a Trance Producer. He also enjoyed a successful tenure as a marketing director for Warner Music Group.

Paavo Siljamaki: Unlike the other two founders, Paavo hails from Finland. He was born in 1977 and is a professional Dance musician. Before joining, or shall we say founding Above & Beyond, he was involved with groups such as Aalto, Dirt Devils, Free State, Rollerball, Tranquility Base, Zed-X and Ocean Lab.

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