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Armin Van Buuren


 A Musician Entrancing the World

Amongst the progressive music scene, there is one man that drives ambitiously forward through his exuberance and unrelenting devotion for music. This man is one of the utmost influential musicians that have shaped the EDM genre, where he continuously strives to uphold his position as the emissary for the trance movement.

 Born with an eye for perfection and an unrivaled enthusiasm, Dutch music producer and DJ, Armin van Buuren, lives through the rhythms of his own global success. He was born on December 25, 1976 near the shores of Rhine River in Leiden, Netherlands and raised in Koudekerk aan den Rijn, or Cold Church on the Rhine, van Buuren originated from a musical family who nurtured his aspirations by allowing him to use his mother’s computer to write basic programs and spend his savings on records.

 This level of dedication helped him to acquire an unquenchable desire to blend an amalgamation of different sounds and beats into a uniquely entrancing marathon of music at the age of ten.Initially, van Buuren produced low-profile mix tapes for his friends, but exchanged them for more high quality mix tapes after his experimentation with different sequencing.

 His profound fascination with generating music can be accredited to his uncle, as young Armin was taught to form his sequencing by him. A close friend of van Buuren gave him an introduction to dance music, influencing the young music aficionado and exposing him to his main inspiration, Ben Liebrand; who would later become his mentor.

Further investigation into the roots of electronic music directed van Buuren towards other influences in his career, such as French electronic composer, Jean-Michel Jarre, and German electronic composer, Klaus Schulze. His fondness towards electronic music fueled his passion as an artist, and his purchases of new computers and turntables.

Armin van Buuren attended Leiden University in 1995, where a local student provided the venue for the beginning of his DJ career. Originally van Buuren was pursuing a law degree as a fall back career, however his music career began to blossom in the same year.

Although he was fortunate enough to see an income from his DJ profession, he completed and obtained a Master’s Degree in Law by 2002. In 1999, Cyber Records released his hit “Communication” and had been successfully sufficient in the record label AM PM to sign him; during the same year that he signed with AM PM, van Buuren also formed his own record label, Armind, and he met the man responsible for elevating his career, Dave Lewis. He released numerous high profile remixes and his collaboration with Dutch DJ, Tiesto, brought him to his acclaim as an international producer of trance music, being placed fifth on DJ magazines Top 100, and several number awards for his remixes.

However, rather than being confined to his successful livelihood as a trance DJ, Armin van Buuren began hosting a weekly radio show, Dutch ID&T, and undertaking his personal responsibility to promote trance and house music.

“Don’t be a prisoner of your own style” has been the mantra of this worldwide superstar, inspiring trance DJ’s with his incomparable devotion to his genre through his fearless creative approach in his transitions from progressive trance to the power of his uplifting trance. Even with his extraordinary uprising to fame, van Buuren has remained a calm, relaxed, down to earth person with a beautiful wife and child. He claims that “It’s not about the love for the music, but the passion for the music. It goes beyond a hobby, beyond what you just ‘like’. Music is essential to life, to my life.”

In 2013, ARMADA, an independent record label was born. Co-founded by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piorn and David Lewis, the label focuses on bringing together a wide array of music genres attracting some of the world’s most renowned electronic music artists to form this unstoppable force in the dance music scene.

These days  you may hear Armin weekly via his “A state Of Trance” Podcast available Mixcloud, his latest releases on Soundcloud or everything Armin directly from his Website


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