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Bingo Players Discuss Musical Influences And The Current State Of Dance Music

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MTV UK recently caught up with Dutch dance music producer Maarten Hoogstraten a.k.a. Bingo Players to discuss music, future plans, and his influences. The interview kicked off with the rather heavy topic of the tragic passing of Maarten’s production partner and former member of Bingo Players, Paul Bäumer. Maarten revealed that he considered leaving the Bingo Players name aside so as to start releasing music under a different name. But his fans, family, and friends encouraged him to keep the Bingo Players name going. He also mentioned that maintaining the Bingo Players name is a way of honoring his friend and partner Paul.

Maarten went on to mention that the creative process has definitely changed since the passing of his friend because now he’s the sole decision-maker where as before the duo would consult one another on musical decisions. However, he mentioned that he “always [tries] to think about what Paul would like when creating new music and his presence remains in everything Bingo Players produces.” Earlier this month Maarten released his first solo single since the passing of Paul titled ‘Nothing To Say’ which you can listen to in the widget below.

On a lighter note he touched on his extensive record collection. He said he loves vinyl and has a record library that can match that a modern day digital iTunes library. That’s a lot of records. On the topic of musical influences he mentioned that Def Leppard is one of the biggest influences on Bingo Players so much so that they named their label ‘Hysteria’ after the Def Leppard album of the same name. He mentioned that French house duo Daft Punk is the musical act he’d like most work with the most because “no act has given so much to electronic music.” Daft Punk has indeed influenced an entire generation of electronic musicians and is arguably the most iconic act to produce electronic music.

When asked what he thinks is currently the best thing about  dance music he said

How it’s getting globally recognized I think. I think people assume it’s always been there, it hasn’t. It’s taken a lot of producers working really hard to get it to the forefront of modern day music culture so I think that should be celebrated.

On the worst thing about it he said

Probably the hate it gets from ‘purists’. I love every genre of music, especially band based stuff so on paper I should be in this bracket. However, people don’t appreciate the processes you go through as a producer to get the sound you want. Electronic music is different to acoustic most definitely, but the heart of its creative process is the same.

Indeed with the increase in popularity of dance music and the growing commercial demand for it more and more criticism will come upon it as has been the case with other forms of music such as hip hop, and rock.

Maarten mentioned that that he’s in the studio working on new material with the help of various singers, producers, and songwriters. But he did not confirm whether there will be a Bingo Players album any time soon. He ended the interview with advice to upcoming DJs that as a DJ one should not let nerves get the best of them when performing on stage.

You can check out the entire interview on the MTV UK website. Bingo Players will also be performing at various shows in the coming few weeks in the USA. The list is below and you can buy tickets here.

Bingo Players Tour Dates

5-Mar Bassmnt @ San Diego, CA
6-Mar Obvservatory @ Santa Ana, CA (with Henry Fong)
7-Mar Life In Color: Sacramento (Late Show) @ Sacramento, CA
7-Mar Life In Color @ Fresno, CA
26-Mar Hakkasan @ Las Vegas, NV
18-Apr Life In Color @ Chicago, IL

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