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BPM Festival

BPM Festival

Explaining the Hype Surrounding the BPM Festival

The power of music to unite mankind has been seen time and again throughout the course of human history. Whether it be Elvis Presley, Bob Marley or Michael Jackson, people of every generation have been blessed with such torch bearers in the world of music. The most fascinating aspect of music is its ability to evolve, and thus music constantly finds ways to relate to our lives and touch our hearts.

Electronic Music

In this age of modern technology, electronic musicians are at the forefront of the music industry. Electronic music may not be as old as the other beloved genres out there, but what it lacks in age, it has made up for in popularity. The music industry itself has become heavily reliant on electronic tunes. Electronic music today is at the heart of human celebration. It has become a symbol of human joy, ecstasy and exuberance.

No wonder DJ parties are the most exhilarating events that anyone can be a part of today. Electronic music is all about reaching into the soul of people and letting it go free. It helps you to shed your inhibitions and break free from the confines of dullness. Indeed electronic melody and the dancing associated with it is the modern day cure for the malady of human sorrow.

The BPM Festival

Given the immense popularity of electronic music, it comes as no surprise that there is an entire event dedicated to serve electronic music enthusiasts. Introducing the BPM Festival. It’s annual electronic music festival that takes place in the Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The festival was first started in the year 2008. Surprisingly enough, it was not intended to be an electronic music centric festival. As a matter of fact, the original idea for BPM was to create an event for the hospitality industry. Hence the name BPM, which stands for “Bartenders, Promoters and Managers”.  Peculiar historical facts aside, the festival has grown to become a global spectacle and a worldwide congregation for DJs, producers and aficionados of electronic music. It was founded by Craig Pettigrew and Phillip Pulitano.

Here are some impressive numbers pertaining to the BPM Festival. This event spans 10 days, showcases over 150 DJs and hosts 75 events for the attendees. To accommodate all of this, the festival is divided into day time and night time programs. These programs are hosted by a myriad of record labels and promoters. The venues for these showcases are scattered around Playa del Carmen. You have events taking place at beach clubs, night clubs and even at an underground restaurant. Attendees come from all over the world to get a taste of state of the art electronic music in the sunny beaches of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Oh and here’s another number that will raise a few eyebrows. Approximately 35,000 people attended the BPM in the year 2012.

More than a Music Festival

The BPM Festival is on the verge of celebrating its 8th anniversary. The Festival is coming back to Playa Del Carmen on January 9, 2015. Like all other years, the party’s going to go on for 10 straight days. During these 10 days, the attendees will have the unique opportunity to indulge in blissful music and enjoy the serene surroundings. In all honesty, the BPM Music Festival has come out of the confines of simply a “music event” and is now deemed as more of an essential winter holiday. It’s not just an occasion for the underground dance music enthusiasts. The sheer excitement exuding from this event can be felt by even those who have never come across electronic music in their lives. The round-the-clock dancing is sure to carve a bright smile on the faces of even the sternest of individuals.

Phase 1 Artist Line up

The die-hard fans of the festival have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Phase-1 artist line up for the upcoming eighth edition of this global electronic music phenomenon. Fans can expect to see a blend of BPM veterans and fresh raw talent from the independent circuit of electronic music. The underground musicians are the ones who tend to exceed the expectations of the fans by miles. The performances from the BPM artists can be enjoyed during both the day time and the night time programs. The best thing about this year’s festival is that the cream of the crop i.e. leading record labels will be putting up their extraordinarily talented artists on the stage.

A Must Visit Festival

With a variety of luxurious and affordable boutique hotels and condos in the city, attendees will have very little problem in finding accommodation in the picturesque town of Playa Del Carmen. In addition to the mind blowing music and endless activities, there are countless options for dining & tourism in and around the town. Bearing all this mind, the BPM Festival sure sounds like a “can’t miss” and “must visit” event.

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