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The Allmighty Bag Raiders

Bag Raiders

  Is music a numbers game, or is it catered for the long ranger. Some may say that music is at its best when it is being exhibited by one class, uber talented and hugely popular artists. Others may argue that music sounds much better when it resonates in the form of an orchestral harmony. Musical group versus solo artist ...

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The Sounds of Prok & Fitch

Prok & Fitch

Combinations and collaborations between artists have always been an integral part of music. It is in the innate nature of man to create music collectively and exhibit their art as a unit. Some may say that the musical skill and ability lies deep within the soul of each individual. Others, with a more social approach, would argue that partnerships and ...

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Royksopp: Norwegian Electro Kings


 Music In Scandinavia Scandinavian musicians have always had a knack for being unique. Regardless of the genre that they adhere to, they tend to be present it in a way that has never been done before. Their approach to music and their style of music has an entirely different aura to it. The moment you hear music from a Scandinavian ...

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Ladytron: Giving Female Artists a Voice in Electronica


It’s quite evident that there are certain stereotypes regarding female musicians. If you are a young girl who is aspiring to be a superstar artist, then people direct you towards mainstream pop and classical country song. This tends to standardize women and confine them within bounds that they aren’t supposed to transgress as per the expectations of society. People view ...

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Is Hardwell the Greatest DJ in the World?

Dj Hardwell

  Everybody loves dancing to the beat of the DJ. Perhaps DJs are the most electrifying breed of musicians to have ever stepped on stage. All they need is a few seconds to get the crowd jumping on their feet and dancing away wildly. A casual listener would tell you that almost all the DJs in the world sound more ...

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Martin Garrix The Wonder Boy

Martin Garrix EDM

It’s not unusual to come across young talent in the world of music. Every now and then, we hear about teenage sensations mesmerizing the crowd in talent shows with their extraordinary singing. These teenage stars are given a spot in the limelight at a very young age. The exposure from the media and the pressure to perform often leads them ...

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Mark Doyle and his Fierce Angel

Fierce Angel

People look at music labels as companies that simply dish out tracks from talented artists and earn a share of their buck. Some critics even think of them as money leaching and exploitative companies. There is a school of thought which believes that recording labels limit the creative liberty of artists, and force them to produce the kind of music ...

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Skrillex: The King of Dubstep


  Dubstep, as a genre, can be called an infant when compared to all the other genres of electronic music. People were quite sceptical about Dubstep music in its initial stages. It sounded nothing like they had ever heard of before. One could describe it as a high octane, concentrated and free flowing brand of music that seemed to defy ...

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Anjunabeats: The Global Music Label


Music labels come in all shapes and sizes. Some are over exalted, others are criminally underrated. Some define the artists, while others are defined by the artist. Some concentrate on bagging the biggest names in the industry, while others focus on grooming the talent of the future. The aims and ambitions of two record labels are never the same. However, ...

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Progressive House

Progressive House

If there’s anything that we can learn from the history of music it is that we should never stereotype styles of music. We can never say for sure that certain instruments cater to the musical needs of certain people. We should never assume that a particular style of music will only sound enjoyable to a particular group of people. Standardizing ...

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