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Chus & Ceballos

Chus & Ceballos

The World’s Most Influential Deejays

“You don’t choose music in a moment of your life, music chooses you the moment you are born, it’s a way of life” Chus Esteban and Pablo Ceballo, 2005.

This year, the famous Deejays and remixing duo Chus Esteban and Pablo Ceballos known as Chus & Ceballos are finally releasing their first album. Born in Madrid, Spain, the successful music producers have been travelling the globe for more than a decade using their worldwide reputation and influence to encourage and support new artists and to spread the word on Spanish music as mixers and producers.

Where it Began: Devoted to their Spanish heritage

The devoted team of fourteen year veteran DJ, Pablo Ceballos, and twenty year musician Chus Esteban, met in Madrid when they were young teenagers working in small local clubs, but soon discovered they had similar ambitions in terms of what was missing in popular Spanish music. Their personalities are a balance of yin and yang and their musical knowledge and inherent maturity inspired them to reach beyond cultural and physical borders.

With a flawless reputation, together they founded the record label Stereo Productions in 2001. Since their first hit in 2003, One Year of Iberican Sound, they have been travelling and promoting their label’s sounds.

The Sounds of Iberican

As masters of the tribal style influenced blend of music they call Iberican, their signature sound is named after the culture of Spain’s Iberian Peninsula and of Portugal. Their music mixes modern technical tribal foundations with undertones of warm, intoxicating, electronic, and percussive house and dance music, but they capture the emotions of their listeners with qualities that resonate to the soul such as ethereal, sexy, rousing, eerie, theatrical, and intense.

Their incredible success has helped build a mini empire.

Initially, one of their main goals was to propel Spain onto the international music scene. The United Kingdom and the United States produced most of the dance music heard in clubs and discos worldwide. The versatile pair thrive on challenges and their remixes are known for improving the quality of productions and reproductions. The musical adventurers have extended their success to some of the best clubs such as Pacha New York, Space Miami, Stereo Montreal, and Ageha Tokyo.

Attention to Detail

Over the years, Chus & Ceballos have become the world’s most demanded DJs, winning numerous awards and accolades with a succession of hits. In addition, the team has co-produced and remixed the music of other famous and iconic stars in recognition of their hard work, credibility, and dedication. Madonna’s album Confessions On A Dance Floor as well as Paris Hilton, Luzon, and Deep Dish have benefitted from the pairs attention to detail and extreme professionalism.

Cutting Edge Pioneers

Nevertheless, they continued to evolve and diversify. As pioneers in an industry that revolves around sound, they explore every aspect of what influences the quality of an experience that is more than just the music. The dancers, the spectators, the venue, the quality of the equipment, the time of day, the location, and even the DJ are all factors and characters that impact their overall vision of what denotes a great party and is essentially what makes them unique and pushes their ambition.

Driven by persistence and perfection, Chus & Ceballos have once again broadened their music experience and are excited about their new release, a dynamic collaboration with some superb singers and other musicians from around the world.

“The focus on the album is to do something more diverse, something you can listen to at home. We have always made tracks for the dance floor, but we feel like it’s time to do something for everyone.” Chus Esteban and Pablo Ceballo. 2014

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