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Dillon Francis Discusses Musical Influences And Future In Radio Interview


Dillon Francis who visited the UK recently was a guest on University York Radio for and the ensuing interview was anything but tactful. Dillon was his usual candid self during what was an entertaining and frank interview. The interview covered a lot of areas but several sections in particular stood out.

For one he revealed that Rusko is the one who influenced him to get into dance music because of Rusko’s remix of Kid Sister’s ‘Pro Nails’ which was so well done that it made an impression on Dillon which made him want to get into the production end of EDM. You can listen to the track lower down in the page. Although Rusko was Dillon’s initial influence to join the industry, he was later influenced by Dutch DJ Munchi who inspired Dillon to rework his track ‘Masta Blasta’, which ended up being his breakout hit.

One refreshing thing to hear was Dillon’s opinion on popular music streaming service SoundCloud. He didn’t mince his words about how much he dislikes the service. He expressed his displeasure with the words “Soundcloud can suck my d**k” as he believes the streaming powerhouse is relying too much on input from labels instead of artists. He stated that he thinks another service will soon come and replace the service due to its recent changes which have displeased quite a lot of its users.

In the course of the interview Dillon was asked about his future and ambitions to which he responded with one of the most ridiculous and hilarious answers this writer has ever heard, saying, “To die and come back as a leotard.” When asked about how he plans on achieving that he responded “I dunno. I’m gonna die, and then get put into ashes. And then I’ll be sprinkled into a leotard factory and then some girl will wear me. And that’ll be the life.” Apparently Taylor Swift is the girl he would like to wear him when he becomes a leotard. Needless to say the interview is very entertaining and you can listen to all of it here.

In other news Dillon announced via Instagram that he is working on a new moombahton EP which is scheduled for release some time later this year. The EP will feature collaborations with brostep posterboy Skrillex, “a dude who’s last name rhymes with Flarris”Calvin Harris, and a vocal performance from Maluca Mala who worked with Dillon on one his older jams ‘Que Que’, which was also a collaboration with Diplo.

Dillon’s been a pretty busy man; he dropped his debut full length studio album, ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule’ in the second half of last year, did some touring, then began work on an MTV show which has been dubbed ‘The Dillon Francis Show’ for now. The actual title has not been confirmed; it will probably be confirmed once the show is ready to air. He also went to on his Friends Rule Tour earlier this year to promote his album.

He has a busy schedule ahead of him this year and below are some of his tour dates. You can buy tickets from his official website or by going directly to BandsInTown and searching for Dillon Francis.

Dillon Francis Tour Dates

Mar 14 – Lollapalooza Chile – Puente Alto, Chile
Mar 20 – Beyond Wonderland – San Bernardino, CA
Mar 22 – Lollapalooza Argentina – San Isidro, Argentina
Mar 26 – Estaçaõ Leopoladina – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Mar 27 – Expominas – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mar 28 – Lollapalooza – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 03 – Seasons Festival – Vancouver, Canada
Apr 04 – Northern Lights Music Festival – Edmonton, Canada
Apr 17 – LED x SJSU – San Jose, CA
Apr 18 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
Apr 25 – Life In Color ‘Big Bang’ – Columbia, MO
Apr 25 – Life In Color ‘Big Bang’ – Austin, TX
Apr 26 – Wet Electric – Tempe, AZ
May 09 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
May 16 – GO HARD MIAMI – Miami, FL
May 21 – Encore Beach Club – Las Vegas, NV
May 23 – CounterPoint Music Festival 2015 – Kingston, GA
May 30 – GO HARD TORONTO – Toronto, Canada
Jun 05 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
Jun 26 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
Jul 02 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
Aug 28 – Reading Festival 2015 – Reading, United Kingdom
Aug 29 – Leeds Festival 2015 – England, United Kingdom
Aug 30 – Mysteryland Netherlands 2015 – Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
Sep 19 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
Sep 25 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
Oct 17 – Surrender Nightclub – Las Vegas, NV
Nov 11 – Mad Decent Boat Party – Cozumel, Mexico

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