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An Exclusive Insight into the Unearthly Tomorrowland

Music festivals have been at the heart of celebration and entertainment for decades now. To truly have a taste of extraordinary music, you need to do more than listen to recorded tracks on your music player. A live performance in front of hundreds and thousands of passionate spectators is what music is all about.

Introducing Tomorrowland

 Music festivals are a way of paying homage to great music and it’s even greater fans. These festivals are deemed as events of endless frolic, festivity and carousing. It’s where stars are born and legends are made. It’s where fans from every corner of the globe unite to listen to their favourite musicians, and cheer them on as loudly as they can. Every musician and music enthusiast dreams of being a part of a global music phenomenon.
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Tomorrowland is one such music phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It is dubbed as the largest electronic music festival in the world. Electronic music is one of the fastest growing genres in the world. Its popularity in recent times has been off the charts, with more and more listeners jumping onto the electronic music bandwagon. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Tomorrowland is one of the most recognizable music festivals in the world today.

Tomorrowland occurs every year during the final weekend of July. The location for the festival is Boom, a town situated 32 kilometres north of Brussels (capital of Belgium). Electronic music has a dominating presence in Belgium. Hence, electronic musicians receive an overwhelming response from the Belgian crowd. With that being said, the attendees of Tomorrowland come from various parts of the world and are not confined to any specific region, nationality or race.  The official mantra of this event is “Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery”.

Initial Years of Tomorrowland

The festival was initiated in 2005. On August 14, 2005, ID&T and the original founders organized the festival in Boom, Belgium. Push (M.I.K.E), Armin Van Buuren, Cor Fijneman, Yves Deruyter, Technoboy, Eddie Halliwell, Jon O’Bir, Yoji Biomehanika and Coone were among the performers in the very first edition of Tomorrowland.

On the back of the success of the first edition, a second event was held a year later on July 30. This particular edition was hosted by some of the world’s most renowned electronic musicians such as Armin Van Buuren, Marco Bailey, Axwell, Fred Baker, David Guetta, Ruthless and DJ Zanny. Emjay collaborating with the Atari Babies was one of the most memorable performances of the second edition.
The festival made significant progress in the following edition as the organizers decided to expand the festival to a two day event. The two days designated for the event were the 28th and 29th of July, 2007. Ever since then, Tomorrowland became a multi-day event.

A similar schedule was followed for the 4th edition of the festival. It spanned across two days, July 26th and July 27th of 2008. However this time, the number of DJs attending the event was much higher than the previous occasions. More than 100 DJs took the stage at Tomorrowland. A crowd attendance in excess of 50,000 was another first for the hosts and organizers of Tomorrowland.

Outburst of Popularity

The festival stuck to its trend of growing exponentially in the following year. The 2009 edition of Tomorrowland garnered an impressive 90,000 spectators. Also, unlike the previous editions where the festival was confined to one location, the 2009 Tomorrowland had spread its reach to other venues. Decorated musicians such as Push, Natural Born Deejays and SASH put up riveting performances for the enthralled Tomorrowland fans. La Rocca made their debut in Tomorrowland in this 5th edition. The main event for Tomorrowland 2009 was Moby. Like the previous two editions, Tomorrowland 2009 was a day two event (July 25 and 26).
In the 2010 edition of Tomorrowland, the number of attendees grew even further. 120,000 people paid a visit over the two days. The anticipation surrounding the music festival was so intense that the tickets sold out days before the actual event. The official anthem for the 2010 edition, “Tomorrow/Give Into the Night” was written by Dada Life, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Tara McDonald. There was a double main stage performance of this song. The track turned out to be a huge hit as it reached number 5 in the Belgium commercial charts. It is Tomorrowland’s highest selling anthem of all time.

The Ultimate Stage for Electronic Music

In 2011, Tomorrowland became a 3 day event. The hype surrounding the event was greater than ever with all the tickets being sold off within days following the launch of the official presale. The number of visitors, 180,000, was double that of 2009. Celebrity artists such as David Guetta, Nervo, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Tiësto, 2ManyDJ’s, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Tensnake, Laidback Luke, Brodinski, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and others took centre stage at Tomorrowland 2011. Courtesy of its monumental success, Tomorrowland 2010 received the International Dance Music Award for the best festival of its kind.

Tomorrowland 2012 was another massively successful 3-day event. (27 July to 29 July). It took place at the De Schorre, which is a provincial recreation area in the town of Boom. This time around, there were 400 DJs and the visitor count surpassed 185,000. There were attendees from over 75 countries in the world. The fact that 25 airlines were designated to bring in spectators from around the world shows how big of a global phenomenon Tomorrowland had become by 2012.

The 2013 edition turned out to be a roller coaster ride in terms of ticket sales. Tickets were literally sold out within minutes as over 180,000 visitors attended the festival at De Schorre in Boom. There were more than 214 nationalities of people in the festival.

10 Year Anniversary

Tomorrowland 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of the festival. On the occasion of the anniversary, and to satisfy the growing demand for tickets, Tomorrowland 2014 was held over two weekends. The first weekend took place between 18-20 July and second took place between 25-27 July. MTV produced a two hour MTW World Stage Specials in ode of Tomorrowland’s 10th anniversary. Over 400,000 people were present to witness this colossal spectacle. 969231_526756720712876_1858408987_n

Tomorrowland Brazil

Tomorrowland will be taking a huge turn in the year 2015. For the first time ever, the festival will be held outside of Europe. The location for Tomorrowland 2015 is Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Given the unearthly popularity of the festival, it’s no surprise that the 180,000 tickets for the first phase of the event sold out within 3 hours.

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