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Flume Announces Departure From What So Not



Flume, one half of the Australian EDM group What So Not, took to social media to announce his departure from the group. The announcement has stunned many of the duos fans while others have claimed that they had an inkling that the group was going to split.

Indeed there have been hints that the group is not together over the past year or so. Flume and Emoh both performed at Snowglobe but they played their sets separately, not as a group. Emoh has also done majority of the tours under the What So Not name by himself for the past year or so.

The split has probably come about due to Flume’s increasing popularity as a global EDM star. He has taken the American market and parts of Europe by storm and there seems to be no sign of slowing down any time soon. One can only assume that the schedule he has is too busy for him to collaborate as closely as he did with his former partner Emoh.

Flume hinted at the fact that Emoh will still perform under the What So Not name as he has been doing the past year by himself, and he encouraged fans to go out and attend Emoh’s shows. He also said that he and Emoh are working on aa EP which will be released soon. The EP will be last What So Not project to contain Flume’s creative input and then he’ll leave the group.

Whether Emoh will enlist a new partner some time in the future or not is unknown. But as at the moment it’s safe to assume that he has no problem carrying the torch by himself. Considering that the What So Not name already carries clout it’s probably a smart move to maintain it.

Over the years the group has released several bangers such as ‘Touched‘, ‘Tell Me‘, and ‘Jaguar‘. You can listen to ‘Jaguar’ at the bottom of the page. Emoh is scheduled to appear at both weekends of the Coachella Valley Music Festival in April.

Below is the entire statement that Flume released on his Facebook page.

I’m writing today with news regarding What So Not. For those that didn’t know, what so not has always been a collaborative project that I’ve doing with my friend Chris, aka Emoh Instead. Over the last while, Emoh and I have been moving in different directions creatively, we haven’t made any music together in quite a while. Our final joint project is a soon-to-be-released EP that we completed last year. That will be the last what so not project I’ll be creatively involved with.

Emoh’s been the sole touring member of What So Not for over a year now and hats off to him, he’s done an amazing job playing to crowds around the world and here at home. I know he’ll continue to slay it, as far as the live shows go nothing has changed, go see him play.

I want to thank Emoh for the time, effort and friendship that he always put into What So Not. While I will no longer be creatively involved I wish him the best of luck moving forward as he takes the reigns and steers the project into the future.

I also want to thank you, the fans, for making all of this What So Not stuff possible in the first place. We started this project from my bedroom studio at my parents house, to see it grow like this has been an amazing experience. I’m always so humbled by the support you’ve shown us, for all my musical projects. While there are a lot of great memories with WSN, i feel its time for me to let this go.

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