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Joeski, The Unsung Hero of House

People often fail to differentiate between superstars and musicians. Creating music and attaining superstardom are mutually exclusive. Not every person who grabs the microphone, or picks up the guitar or takes a seat in a recording studio becomes a world renowned celebrity. Sometimes even the most talented of musicians fail to stay in the limelight for too long.

A musician’s inability to grab the proverbial brass ring has a lot to do with the genre of music that he produces. Certain genres of music will always be more preferred, and hence more popular than others. You can’t expect a country singer to have the same opportunities that a member of a rock band is afforded. This is not to say that there is any disparity in music. True enthusiasts of music have an equal degree of respect for all genres. However, when it comes to buying albums or turning up at shows, the musicians of certain genres such as rock, pop, rap and hip hop will always be head and shoulders above the rest.

DJ Joeski

The Underrated House Music

House music is a very good example of a genre which has suffered a little lately. Two decades ago, House was probably the “coolest” music one could listen to. It was heard everywhere from Sony Walkmans to car radios to neighbourhood clubs. People loved and revered House music back then. Today, it’s pretty much an afterthought. Sure, there are plenty of hardcore fans of House music, but the genre has to be incorporated in mainstream pop and rock music for it to stay relevant. Thankfully a lot of the talent of house has been able to slot into the widely popular offshoot of house, which is Deep House Music.

So what happened to the acclaimed artists of House music? Did they fade into obscurity or are they still putting up enthralling shows for their loyal fans. Thankfully, the latter is true for most. Musical talent and creativity cannot be suppressed. It will always find a way to express itself in the toughest of times.

Introducing Joeski

The artists of House music have been able to do just that. In fact, a lot of them have made the transition to electronic or techno music to cater to a wider audience. Given how riveting electronic music has become, it’s no surprise to see House artists make the jump. A lot of these musicians earned their reputation back in the nineties, and have since then looked for ways to change and evolve their music to keep it germane to the modern day listeners. Joeski, is one such House artist who has been exhibit his extraordinary musical skills for an extended period of time.

Early Life of Joeski

Joeski was born in Brooklyn New York, but he was brought up in the extremely diverse and quintessential urban neighbourhood of Corona, Queens. The place of his upbringing was only a short distance away from the New York City Underground House scene. For those of you who are not aware, the underground music scene is an integral part of House. From a pretty young age, Joeski was inclined towards House music. Hence in the year 1991, when he was presented with the opportunity to play at the NYC Wunder Bar, he grabbed it with both hands. That was a promising start for a raw and young talent like Joeski.

Dj Joeski on the decks

Wunder Bar Performance

The Wunder Bar was a fantastic place to perform for a young artist like Joeski. It was situated in the centre of Manhattan. As most of you know, Manhattan is one of the busiest regions in the world filled with skyscrapers, numerous commuters and countless residents. Back in those days, House was a subject of great interest among the youth, especially those who loved visiting clubs.

Hence it was no surprise that on the day Joeski performed in the Wunder Bar for the first time, the building was surrounded with queues of hundreds of zealous fans who were desperate to get inside the Bar and hear their favourite music. The crowd was so large and so passionate, that bouncers had to be appointed for crowd control. For young Joeski, it must have been a great feeling to see hundreds of people lined up to hear his performance.

Domestic and International Success

Looking back, one could say that this was the breakthrough in the career of Joeski. Since his days in the Wunder Bar, he progressed in leaps and bounds. His domestic career was picking up pace as he became one of the founders of “The Chocolate Factory”. His work was soon spreading to different corners of New York City. The demand for his music was so high that it could soon be heard in various historic clubs of the city such as “The Limelight”, Tunnel, and Palladium & NASA.

Joeski then partnered with Keoki, and they performed together at the iniquitous East Village after hours club “Save the Robots”. Shortly thereafter, he took up the position of the resident DJ at the “Roxy” for the Together party on Friday nights. For Joeski, it was a great honor to perform alongside some of America’s best DJ’s such as Danny T, Little Louie Vega and Roger Sanchez.

His success at home was soon followed by international call ups. He received an international booking at Groove Society in Montreal. After working there for some time, he came back to the United States in the late 90s, and shifted his attention towards being a reputed producer. The year 2000 was superb for Joeski as he released a series of hit tracks and remixes such as Siesta, Junior Boys Own, Ministry of Sound, Tango, Electric Soul and others.

Maya Records and Collaborations

He founded the label Maya Records. This label was inspired by fellow Artists and Producers. Since its inception, Maya has released more than 100 tracks of state of the art House grooves. The first release of the label was Hustler’s Revenge which became an instant hit. Later, DJ Chus came up with the track “El Amor” which turned out to be yet another Maya sensation.

Joeski has worked with several well known artists, including Sneaker Pimps, Dajaé, Delacy, Dirty Vegas, Medway and DJ Sneak.

The record labels that he has worked with include, Siesta, Hooj Choons, NRK, Ministry, Electrik Soul, Stealth, Defected Records, Junior Boys Own, Stereo Productions and more.

Joeski has been a part of highly acclaimed collaboration projects such as 6400 Crew including Onionz, Hipp-e & Halo, Master D and Tony, with big hits appearing on Tango, NRK, Maya and Siesta, John Creamer, Stephan K, Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas, and most recently Matthias Heilbronn.

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