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Kontor Records: Breaking Musical Stereotypes

Kontor Records

A lot of people have this misunderstanding that innovation in music compromises commercial success. Although that may be true for most record labels, it is definitely not a trait of Kontor Records. This music record label has proven to the world that long term album selling artists can exist in the world of electronic and dance music as well.

Inception of Kontor Records

Kontor Records embarked on its journey in 1996 (electronic and dance music was at its prime back in the nineties) was just one of several recording labels that were formed during that era. Since its inception, Kontor has earned the status of a globally renowned international electronic dance music operation.

The company started off as a hot Hamburg night club. Back in its early days, it served as a musical platform for local talented DJs who were eager to make a name for themselves. In 1995, DJ and musical mastermind Jens Thele opened up a club for house parties in an eminent Hanseatic commercial house (referred to as Kontorhaus in German) in the heart of Hamburg city. In a very short period of time, Kontor became one of the most in demand clubs in town. It was a centre of excitement and energy for club goers while the DJs considered it as the perfect sounding board for their latest vinyl discoveries, as well as their own productions.

Domestic and International Limelight

The two in one combination of a club and label is one of the most difficult things to develop in the music industry. However, when such a combination does exist, it turns out to be a huge hit more often than not. This is what happened with Kontor, as it garnered it’s reputation as both a club and a label. The rapid growth of Kontor paved the way to success for the local Hamburg DJs and music producers. The news about their growing prosperity spread to different corners of the country. Soon enough, international producers were lining up at Kontor’s door. The worldwide spotlight was now on Kontor, and with each new international producer, Kontor’s significance in the music industry grew exponentially. The list of distinguished producers who pursued collaboration with Kontor includes well known names such as, ATB, Blank & Jones, Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, Spiller, Sunbeam, Trance Allstars, The Underdog Project and so on.

“We place great importance on long-term artist relationships and development, always looking to create album projects” said Jens Thele with regards to Kontor’s massive success over the years.

Kontor Records Live Club
Unprecedented Commercial Success

As mentioned before, people do not expect dance artists to be commercially successful for a sustained period of time. In most cases, dance artists turn out to be one hit wonders. However, under the umbrella of Kontor, dance artists have managed to break free from the confines of age old conventions and achieve the unachievable by enjoying lengthy prosperous careers throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Unlike other artists who are only known for their hit singles, the artists of Kontor have managed to sell a huge number of albums for an extended duration.

This highlights Kontor’s focus on a sustainable quality of music …

Renowned Kontor Artists

Andre Tanneberger is a prime example of a dance artist who has thrived under Kontor Records. The Bochum DJ and producer has been working with Kontor Records since 1998. His debut track, 9 pm (Till I come) was a monumental success as it sold over 2 million copies and reached the number one spot in the UK charts. On the back of his success with Kontor, he has attained gold and platinum awards across the world. He even turned out to be a huge draw (sells in six figures) in the United States where he is known to tour multiple times every year.

Another example of an artist who has grabbed the proverbial brass ring courtesy of Kontor is Scooter. Scooter released their material on Sheffield Tunes imprint which is a Kontor label affiliate. The success story of Scooter is quite awe inspiring as they hit the number one position in the UK Album charts and famously knocked Madonna off her perch in the process. In addition to that, they have had some immensely successful tours throughout Great Britain. As far as accolades are concerned, they have won a several gold and platinum discs from Australia to Scandinavia. Furthermore, they were the first winner of the highly prestigious “National Dance Act” Echo Award. 23 of their singles have made it to the top 10 and they currently hold the record for the most decorated German charts act since the initiation of records. Band members H.P. Baxxter and Rick J. Jordan are serving as company directors of Kontor Records alongside co-producer and manager Jens Thele.

Today, Scooter is a household name among Electronic Dance music enthusiasts and have consolidated their position in the international charts.

Kontor’s prime focus is marketing it’s collection of state of the art Electronic music all over the world. Kontor has an impressive worldwide network of label partners that has helped it reach the pinnacle of success upon which it sits today. Kontor’s sister concern, New Media has progressed in leaps and bounds in the digital aggregator market and is considered one of the most effective players in the world. It oversees the internet distribution of around 1000 labels belonging to a host of different music genres.

Kontor Top of the Clubs

Kontor Top of the Clubs is perhaps Kontor’s biggest creation. The Kontor Top of the Club series is a mainstay in German charts with its superb presentation of the best dance hits of the moment.

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Kontor.TV and Kontor.FM

In 2006, Kontor initiated Kontor.TV. Since then, it has steadily grown in popularity and now has 800,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel. Kontor.TV has over 2 million views on a daily basis and is undoubtedly one of the most successful music formats in the world. The success of Kontor.TV led to the inauguration of Kontor.FM in the 2012. It has over 10,000 subscribers and features the very best of Kontor music, including the hit tracks of today as well as timeless classics from the yester years.

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