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Martin Garrix and Usher Share Video Clip Of Upcoming Collaboration


Just last week R&B singer Usher posted a picture of he and Martin Garrix in the studio on his Facebook page with the caption “Don’t Look Down”. Needless to say the picture had Usher and Garrix fans buzzing about the possibility of the two musicians collaborating. Fans didn’t have to wait long to get some sort of confirmation though because Garrix released a short video clip of the two in the studio working on a track.

Garrix seemed to be in full control as he told Usher “I can do a lot of stuff with that, because you have so many different notes” supposedly in reference to a song idea that the two were discussing. There were several other people in the studio, most likely studio technicians/sound engineers, which strongly suggests that the initially released photograph of the two artists in the studio together was not simply a work, but there was indeed a song brewing.

Neither of the two artists have outright confirmed that they’re working on a track together, which at this point seems unnecessary anyway. It’s also unknown whether the song will be a single or will be featured on Usher or Garrix’s album(s), if they decide to release new projects any time soon. Either way it’s bound to be an exciting release.

Usher’s no stranger to EDM as he has collaborated with a number of EDM producers over the years such as David Guetta, Diplo, and Swedish House Mafia and he has had EDM-influenced hit singles such as ‘Numb’ and ‘Rest Of My Life’.


In all honesty though the collaboration is kind of weird and unexpected because the two musicians are worlds apart in terms age. Usher has had an illustrious career, and managed to release hit after hit ever since his second studio album ‘My Way’ which was released in 1997 and has since gone six times platinum. The much younger Garrix’s star is continuing to rise with each and every song he releases.

To put things into perspective, Garrix had not been born at the time when Usher was releasing his self-titled debut album in 1994. When ‘My Way’ was released in 1997 Garrix was merely a year and a few months old so it’s expected that the two might have some generational gap. But from the video which was released it looks like the two are comfortable in each other’s presence and age doesn’t seem to affect the actual music-making process. But you never know with music, the song might not even be released; after all it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by the musicians themselves.

Usher had originally planned to release an album before stating that the idea was scrapped back in 2014. This collaboration makes one wonder whether plans to release the album are back on track. Garrix on the other hand is a touring machine. He has been touring heavily as most EDM producers do. He released a single titled ‘Forbidden Voices’ earlier this year as a free download. He has released a lot of singles and remixes since his breakthrough hit single ‘Animals’ which was released in 2013 and has since been remixed by many DJs.

If the new song does come out in the near future it’s likely that Garrix might debut it at one of his shows as is the case with a lot of EDM songs. it’s not uncommon for a DJ to take a song out for a test drive to gauge the audience reaction before officially releasing it for purchase. The dates for his upcoming shows are listed at the bottom of the page. Let us know what you think of the supposed collaboration between Garrix and Usher in the comments section below.

It's coming… @howuseeit

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