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Martin Garrix The Wonder Boy

Martin Garrix EDM

It’s not unusual to come across young talent in the world of music. Every now and then, we hear about teenage sensations mesmerizing the crowd in talent shows with their extraordinary singing. These teenage stars are given a spot in the limelight at a very young age. The exposure from the media and the pressure to perform often leads them to lose their focus and stray from their ambitions. Fame and popularity almost always has a negative impact on young stars. This is why many purists in the field of music believe that it is always better to hone your craft in the shadows as a teenager, and then burst into the scene once you have matured into an adult. This is actually a very good piece of advice. Young talented boys and girls should be well protected from the vices of celeb. They should have the privilege to be raised in a healthy environment that inspires and encourages them to push their boundaries of creativity and perseverance to come up with magical works of art every time they grab an instrument or a microphone. Handling the burden of expectations and tackling the attention of bandwagon fans is not and should not be their forte.

The Diamond in the Rough

However once in a blue moon, you have a diamond in the rough among these young people. These young gems of the music industry have little fervour for the spotlight and are entirely dedicated to the cause of reaching their potential in this business. They are the ones who are strong enough to not be influence by the attention from the media and the fans. Their sights are solely focused on the task in hand, and the goal to climb up the ladders to heights of superstardom as quickly as they can. One such wonder boy of Music is Martin Garrix. He is not a Youtube sensation covering songs of world renowned artists. Instead, he is an artist of his own who is weaving his magic into new corners of the world of electronic music with each new day. He is only 18 years old, and at this tender age he already has a glittering resume to boast about. Believe it or not, he debut at #40 in the DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs and as of now he is ranked #4 in that list. To say that this is an unearthly feat for an artist of his age would be an understatement. This Dutch DJ is currently under contract with Spinning Records. The young wizard from Netherlands is already a maestro on the keyboard guitar and FL studio. His areas of concentration include progressive house, electro house and big room house. It has been a very long time since the realm of electronic dance music has seen such a young boy take charge of the industry all by himself. What he has achieved in the short time that he has been on the job, is truly out of this world. One could only wonder how a boy who is yet to leave his teens is rocking listeners around the world with his enthralling music. What makes him truly unique is the professionalism that he exhibits as an eighteen year old boy.


For a boy who is one of the best DJs in the world at the age of 18, it comes as no surprise that Martin Garrix developed a passion for music as a very young child. He basically picked up the guitar as soon as he possibly could. By the age of 4, he displayed an inclination towards learning guitar. Back in those days, he was known by the name Martijn Garritsen. As the boy grew, so did his love for music. By the time he was an 8 year old, he had told his father that he wanted to grow up to be a DJ. When children talk about their future goals and aspirations, you seldom expect them to choose the profession of disk jockeying in preference to other more appealing jobs such as that of a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. That was not the case with Martin. He knew what he wanted to be, and what he wanted to do from that early age. He was amused and inspired by the likes of DJ Tiesto DJ Jayvee when they played at the Olympic Games in Athens. The track “Traffic” was one of Martin’s favourites. As a matter of fact, this was the song that compelled him to download a specialist software and begin composing his own music. Little Martin was well aware at that time that music was not only his hobby, it was his future career choice. He did everything that he could to stay loyal to his passion for music. He didn’t let his interests divert from one place to the other like most children of his age would have done.

The Learning Curve

In the years that followed, he was admitted to the Herman Brood Academy which is basically a production school based in Dim Beshitie Utrecht. As he stepped into the world of music, he developed a knack for using a multitude of aliases to release his tracks. It’s a simple example of how creative Martin gets with his music. One of these aliases is GRX. Growing up, disk jockeying wasn’t the only thing he was involved in. Martin started to ghost write songs for other artists. That just goes to show you how insanely talented he is. People, perhaps those much older and experienced than him, require his creative input to make their work shine.

A Feat Studded Year in 2012

The first real song of Martin can be traced back to the year 2012 when he worked on the song BFAM with Julian Jordan. It was in that very same year that he was presented with the SLAM! FM DJ Talent of the Year Award. His success in the year 2012 rolled on when a remix of Martin Garrix called “Your Body” received international exposure. That song was written by Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotecha. The list of accolades in 2012 didn’t end there. His track “Just Some Loops”, which was collaboration with TV Noise was featured on the compilation album Loop Masters Essential, Volume 2.

Breakthrough Year in 2013

His feats in the year 2012 were overshadowed by his accomplishments in 2013. This was the year of his breakthrough. This is the year that he will forever look back at as the turning point in his career, and perhaps in his life. The first amazing achievement of his in 2013 was co-releasing “Torrent” with Sidney Samson on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom Label. On the back of this success, he was able to come up with a solo release of his own. The track called “Animals” released on 16 June 2013 on Dutch record label Spinnin Records is what put him on the radar and catapulted his career to new heights that artists of his age rarely seem to reach. The track became a huge hit in a number of charts both inside and outside Netherlands. Martin Garrix became the youngest person ever to reach the number one spot on Beatport. The track also found a coveted place in Hardwell’s album “Hardwell presents Revealed Volume 4”. On the September of 2013, Garrix was able to conjure up another huge hit as he released a remix of “Project T” by Sander Van Doom, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. This track helped him reclaim the number one spot on Beatport… It was in this year that he made his historic debut at number 40 on DJ magazine’s top 100 DJs list. Later on in that year, he secured his continued success by penning a deal with Scooter Braun’s Scooter Braun Projects. Come December, he released “Wizard” in association with Jay Hardway. The song reached number 6 in Belgium, while it floated around number 17 in his home country of the Netherlands. This was a clear indication that he wasn’t just popular in his own domestic region. Foreigners abroad had also developed a taste for his music. He then proceeded to collaborate with Firebeatz in creating a song called “Helicopter”.  This tracked reached number one on Beatport. It wasn’t a case of having a cup of coffee with the first position He was number one for 2 straight weeks, which is quite an incredible duration given that he was simply a new kid on the block.

Continued Success in 2014

In the year 2014, he pulled of an energetic performance at the Ultra Music Festival. It was in that music festival that he released several new and unreleased tracks. This consisted of collaboration works with Dillon Francis, Hardwell and Afrojack. Later in the year 2014, he released a track by the name of Proxy which was dedicated to his growing fan base for their passionate support for him in the year 2013. In the same year, Garrix released a track with MOTi, the title of which read “Virus (How About Now)”. This was released later in the year as well as his collaboration with Afrojack releasing “Turn up the Speakers” which Afrojack and Garrix both Premiered at Ultra Music Festival. Right now, it seems as though the sky is the limit for young Martin Garrix.

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