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Pioneer HDJ 2000 MK2 Headphones: The Best Ever Yet?

Technology has become such an integral part of music nowadays. It seems as if no artist, even the country singers, can survive and thrive without the use of technology in greater or lesser proportions. Technology is not just essential to create music, but it’s imperative to appreciate music in the best way possible. You can opt to plug in cheap earphones, listen to a song and not be amazed by it. Or you can buy the best gadgets available in the market, listen to the same song and be awestruck by the superior sound quality.
Pioneer HDJ2000 MK2

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in quality headphones must have heard about the Pioneer DJ series. It’s one of the most exquisite collections of headphones there is on the planet. Every musician loves working with it and every fan wants to listen to the artists’ work with it. For those who prefer the Pioneer DJ series, there is some really good news. The next generation of Pro DJ headphones are already here. Pioneer DJ have launched the HDJ 2000 MK2 Headphones. They have advertised this headphone as one that has optimized audio quality, enhanced, sound isolation, ultimate comfort and an even more energetic build that is capable of enduring endless hours of rough usage.

The HDJ-2000 Headphones are the flagship products for Pioneer DJ. As far as popularity goes, it has been a top choice for DJ’s around the world for more than six years. Why do DJs want this headphone so bad? Well the answer is quite simple. The impeccable sound separation from deep bass to crisp trebles makes the work and life of these artists much easier. At the same time, they get to marvel at their creation while working on them courtesy of these extraordinary headphones. The HDJ 2000 MK2 has been literally developed with DJs. The feedback of DJs played an important role in shaping the creation of the headphone. The two key characteristics that make the HDJ 2000 MK2 a class above the rest are the new low volume air chambers and airtight stitching which aims to deliver crystal clear sound. This helps the DJs to monitor in the loudest of clubs.

The HDJ 2000 MK2 comes in black or silver and resembles the classic look of the previous editions in the series. From a visual standpoint, the robust and premium build is defitinely an attention grabber. If you are DJ who is running a marathon set, then you need not be worried about a lack of comfort while using this headphone. It contains ear pads that feature urethane memory foam ear pads and leather feel covers. It also comes with a lightweight and adjustable headband and rotatable housings support multiple monitoring styles. The list of impressive features does not quite end there. As a owner of the HDJ 2000 MK2, you will be gifted with a premium hard carry case and detachable cords. Not to mention, the headphone has a seamless foldable structure. Overall, it’s uniquely compact, portable and durable. Without a doubt, the headphone fulfils all the criteria of a demanding, uncompromising and a hard working pro-DJ.

Pioneer HDJ2000MK2 Cable input

The following specifications offer a closer look into the HDJ 2000MK2 Headphones.

1) Sound Quality Perfected for DJ Monitoring

The Headphones have been built specifically for Dance music. It has a 38 micrometre thick diaphragm, 50 mm driver, and precision rolled voice coil to result in superior resolution and high fidelity frequency response of 5 Hz to 30,000 Hz. Even when the volume is really high, there is barely any sign of distortion courtesy of the robust build and 3,500 mW capacity of input.

2) Enhanced Sound Isolation for Better Clarity in Loud Environments

The low air volume chambers that were mentioned before are perfect for maximizing insulation. As a result, the external noise is decreased in the mid to low frequencies (300 Hz to 1,600 Hz) by 7 dB compared to the original HDJ 2000s. When this technology is coupled with the ear pad’s exquisite design that has damper and airtight stitching, the ease-of-monitoring is drastically increased. There’s no need to raise the volume in loud clubs.

3) Lightweight and Comfortable Design for Extensive Usage

The design of the HDJ 2000MK2 revolves around the comfort of the DJs. If there’s anything that you can expect from these headphones it’s that it will never be a disturbance in your ears. It is built with a thinner, lightweight magnesium alloy that can be found on the headband and hanger. The purpose of this alloy is to lower the pressure on the DJ’s head. At the same time, you have comfy ear pads made of soft synthetic leather and low rebound urethane memory foam that makes sure that you enjoy ultimate comfort and sound quality.

4) Hard Carry Case and Utility Accessories

The custom designed hard zip up carry case will be a much coveted asset for the DJs. Not only does it make the headphones appear better, but it also provides extra protection especially when the DJs are on the road. The case has internal pockets that can be used to store two provided cables and the jack.

HDJ2000 MK2 Case

5) Rotatable Housing with Auto-Return Supports More than One Monitoring Style

The ear cup has the capacity to swivel by 90 degrees. This helps to support different styles of monitoring. For DJs who fancy on-the-shoulder monitoring, the headphones offer the auto-return feature. The headphones’ flexible headband makes one-ear monitoring very convenient. There is also a lock mechanism that prevents unnecessary movement during use.

6) Rock Solid Build for Maximum Endurance

As mentioned before, endurance is one of the most talked about virtues of these headphones. It has an L-type mini jack that prevents it from getting disconnected while the performance is going on. At the rear end of the headphones, one can find a mini XLR connector which allows cables to be easily removed for transit or replaced if damaged.

Given all the stunning features that the HDJ 2000MK2 has to offer, one cannot deny the fact that it is one of the very best (if not the best) professional headphones to have ever been created.

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