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Pioneer XDJ-1000

Today, people remember two important technological revolutions. The first was when Pioneer introduced the CDJ-1000. With this single move, the DJ landscape was changed. The second was when Apple decided to throw away the floppy drive.

Although there was a heavy reliance on this medium, it needed to be removed from the market so that things could evolve. Today, Pioneer is following in the footsteps of Apple by making the first move towards making CDs a thing of the past. This is being done through the introduction of the Pioneer XDJ-1000.

A Musical Revolution

The Pioneer XDJ-1000 is the first in the line-up of new USB-only, digitally focused, Rekordbox-ready players. Although it has a similar interface as the CDJ-2000 Nexus, instead of a knob to select tracks and use the menu, it is touchscreen and will show a series of looping tools and effects.

Because it does away with the CD function in favor of a USB drive, it will allow people to link up with Rekordbox to mix software such as Serato and their USB storage device. What is even better is that it is compatible with KUVO, Pioneer’s DJ Community.

This enables people to provide clubbers with valuable live set information in real time. This not only makes it a must have for the next generation of DJs but is also the perfect springboard from the bedroom to the booth.

A Unique Touchscreen

What makes the Pioneer XDJ-1000 stand out from its competitors is its seven-inch touchscreen. Aside from that, the browse function is faster than ever before with the unique capability to search for keywords, call up a QWERTY keyboard and scroll using a large rotary dial or the touch screen. Aside from that, a DJ can select how they view tracks as it has custom view, artwork and list options.

A Wide Range of Professional Features

The Pioneer XDJ-1000 gets a lot of its features from the club standard CDJ-2000 NXS such as Pro DJ link that allows people to share a single source with up to four decks through a LAN cable. Other features found on the XDJ-1000 include the following:

• Active Loop
• Slip Mode
• Needle Search
• Quantize
• Beat Sync
• Auto Cues and Loops

Aside from these features, the Pioneer XDJ-1000 has a couple of new things that are not found with other brands such as the Quantitized Loop Move and Beat Jump. The Quantitized Beat Jump enables a DJ to jump forwards and backwards one, two or five beats from the current playback. On the other hand, the Quantitized Loop Move allows DJs to navigate one, two or four beats forwards or backwards through the loop after they have created it.

Improved Track Information

With the Pioneer XDJ-1000, DJs can also analyze their tracks in Rekordbox. Aside from that, the large touch screen will display information to aid the DJ such as the Beat Countdown, Phase Meter, Key Analysis indicator and Wave Display with Wave Zoom.

Additionally, DJs can choose their personal preferences in Rekordbox such as Mater Tempo and Quantize. After doing that, the XDJ-1000 will automatically download everything. DJs can also color code their playlists in Rekordbox. What is even better is that the light around the XDJ-1000’s USB port will reflect that setting for ease of identification in the booth.

A Professional Layout

Aside from having lots of features that can help DJs in their performance, the XDJ-1000 mirrors the layout of the club standards CDJ. This enables a DJ to perfect their sets at home and transfer them effortlessly to the booth when they perform. The XDJ-1000’s 206 mm wheels are the same size as those on the CDJ-2000 NXS for instant familiarity wherever they play.

Additionally, a DJ can load Rekordbox-ready music from smartphones, laptops and PC’s using a USB or Wifi connection with the Pioneer XDJ-1000. All they have to do is connect a device running a Rekordbox app to the XDJ-1000 and browse and load tracks from the device’s screen. What is even better is that during a performance, devices connected through USB will also be charged.

The Bottom Line

With all of these state of the art features, the XDJ-1000 will be the ultimate gift for any DJ out there. What is even better is that it comes at a very affordable price – $1200. Take your performance to another level with the Pioneer XDJ-1000.

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