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The Sounds of Prok & Fitch

Prok & Fitch

Combinations and collaborations between artists have always been an integral part of music. It is in the innate nature of man to create music collectively and exhibit their art as a unit. Some may say that the musical skill and ability lies deep within the soul of each individual. Others, with a more social approach, would argue that partnerships and teams are the birthplace of musical prowess. For years, we have seen musical groups perform on the grandest stages of them all. Whether it be the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones or Metallica, one cannot deny the fact that unity in music only serves to upgrade the quality, aesthetic beauty and artistic brilliance of music.

Duos in Electronic Music

Electronic Music is often viewed as a forte of solo artists. When people think about Electronic music, they visualize a lone DJ waving his wand in his set, while hundreds and thousands of devout fans sway and rock to the rhythm of the maestro. This general idea about Electronic music is true to a great extent. However, people seem to neglect the importance of musical groups, or duos in particular in the realm of Electronic music. Indeed two man armies have always been an colourful feature of Electronic music, one that has intensified the basic essence of Electronic music. There is something truly unique about duos in Electronic music. They bring something to the table that a solo artists or a band cannot. Often times, duos dazzle us with their flamboyance, flair and exuberance. Two seems to be the perfect number in music. It’s not too less to turn into a pompous solo act, and it’s not too much to turn into a imbalanced group act. The reason why duos stand out among the rest is their seamless harmony and exemplary chemistry. They hide each other’s weaknesses and highlight each other’s strength. The end result is a dynamic package of vibrant, energetic and state of the art music. One such dazzling duo that has won the hearts of the Electronic music enthusiasts is Prok & Fitch.

Prok & Fitch Early Career

It was approximately 9 years ago when Prok & Fitch was formed. It all started when Ben Pork and James Fitch decided to collaborate as a musical entity after meeting up in a record store in the year 2006. They were both fantastic DJs who shared 18 years of experience between them. The first thing they realized when they met up was that they had very similar taste in music. Thus, the decision to form a DJ duo was pretty much a no brainer for them. Creating an alliance would only uplift their status in the music industry and improve the quality of their work. Initially, they started playing sets together. That received positive responses from the crowd. Their collaborative work behind the sets was being greatly appreciated. As a result, they decided to take their partnership skills to the studio.

Association with Roger Sanchez

The creative synergy and the harmonious perseverance of the two led to the creation of their first creation. This was called the Outro Lugar. This debut caught the attention of Roger Sanchez. He played it around for quite some time, before making the decision that changed the careers of the two men in the duo. Outro Lugar was signed to Sanchez’s Stealth label. The release was greatly hyped, as hyped as it could possibly be. This streamlined Pork & Fitch’s exposure and enabled them to acquire a prime time slot at the 2008 Miami Winter Music Conference where Prok & Fitch were invited as special guests along with the one and only Roger Sanchez.

The Road to Success

That was the beginning of their journey to success. That was how they started leaving their footmarks in the world of Electronic music. That was 2006, the year when Prok & Fitch established their position in the upper echelons of Electronic music. At present, Prok & Fitch have extensive portfolio behind the desk as well as the boards. They have reached heights of success that they could have never ever conceived when they joined forces back in the year 2006. The road to success was long and weary in certain aspects, and fast and furious from a different perspective. It was painstaking when they had to spend hours on end in the studio, trying to come up with the latest creation that would mesmerize their fans. It was quick and short when they were playing on stage in front of thousands in attendance and an even greater watching back at home. They have several remix credits to their name. These include 2 that have reached the national top 10 within the last 6 months only. They have toured domestically and internationally, where they came into contact with artists of the highest calibre from around the world. Some of these artists include, Utah Saints, Freemasons, Shamus Haji, Kraak & Smaak, Funkerman, Cevin Fisher, Funkagenda, Hoxton Whores, Filthy Rich, Kid Massive, Shikstylko, Freejak, Bruce Aisher.

Musical Style

So what exactly does Prok & Fitch music sound like? To those who have never heard any of their tracks, I must say that you guys have missed out on something truly amazing. If I had to pick two words to describe the style of music that Prok & Fitch represent, it would be bouncy and energetic. Injecting excitement, thrill and enthusiasm in music is what Prok & Fitch is all about. House music has had the greatest influence in their brand of music. In fact, they have derived styles, rhythms and concepts from almost every genre of House music. Bearing that in mind, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Prok & Fitch are experts in the field of House music. The versatility of their music is what makes them stand out. Their approach to entertaining the crowd is quite diverse in nature. As a result, they are suitable for all kinds of floors and are seldom confined within the conventional bounds of House music or Electronic Music as a whole. It really does not matter to Pork & Fitch whether they are asked to play in the main room full of charged up ladies or a dark room full of sweaty after party players, they will hit the nail on the head every single time they step behind the desk. Perfection is what they strive for, and perfection is what fuels them day in and day out. When you are grooving to Prok & Fitch, the party never stops. Their performances give you a good reason to believe that Electronic musicians are perhaps the most dynamic, energetic and robust of all artists out there (no offence to any of the legendary metal heads). Prok & Fitch stand for 100% pure, unadulterated flat out House music and they have brought their motto life with each and every single one of their performances.

Floorplay Record Label

As years rolled by and the success piled up, Prok & Fitch decided to create their own record label. This label was named “Floorplay” and it was described by the duo as “Nothing pretentious, nothing too underground, just house music made for the dance floor with the quality stamp from Prok & Fitch! Floorplay aims to provide the worlds finest DJ’s with solid, peak time tracks from the crème of up-coming talent”. Their aim is to gift the world’s best DJs with peak time tracks from the very best among the young talent. Artists like Filthy Rich, Daley Padley, Nice7, Belocca & Sonnec, and Alex Font have already hopped on board the Floorplay bandwagon. The support surround the label is tremendous and it is growing with each new day. What remains to be seen is how Prok & Fitch make use of the resources in hand to set the bar high for aspiring musicians in the field of Electronic music. Prok & Fitch along with their associates have already toured the world and are doing everything they can to promote and propagate their sounds to unchartered territories.

Current Success and Media Attention

Prok & Fitch have also had the honor of being appointed as residents for the well know Hat Club. In addition to that, bookers and promoters are in hot pursuit of their services for 4 major music festivals that include the Stealth ADE party, along with a number of exhilarating and captivating events in the heart of Electronic music, Ibiza.

With so much buzz going around about Prok & Fitch, it’s no surprise that the duo have garnered the attention of mainstream media as well. The radio and the press are always on their heels to catch Prok & Fitch on the act. Whether it be magazine coverage or radio show coverage, Prok & Fitch have got them all in their pockets. Prok & Fitch is a perfect example of hard work, perseverance and dedication coupled with a pinch of creativity can open up windows of opportunities in the Electronic music sector. With the way they are progressing as of late, one could say that we are yet to see the best of the magical duo from Brighton, England.

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