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Revealed Recordings Creating Waves in the EDM World

Revealed Recordings

Electronic dance music (EDM) has been on the rise ever since the turn of the century. With each new day, we have are seeing a growing number of electronic musicians and electronic music enthusiasts. Though the prominence of electronic music is perhaps most greatly felt in Europe, it’s safe to say that the entire world is beginning to embrace electronic music as one of their most beloved genres.

Electronic Music Labels

With the increasing popularity of electronic music, it comes as no surprise that electronic music labels are beginning to thrive in this modern age of technology. The advent of new technology paves a path for electronic music labels to be bigger and better. Improved technology is being utilized to create unique, unheard of sounds that are taking the crowds breath away. A lot of these establishments are the brainchild of distinguished electronic musicians who have made a name for themselves in the past decade. Creating a music label is a way for them to pass on their legacy to the new generation, and also to explore their creative musical imaginations. These labels provide a great platform for young and aspiring electronic musicians to climb up the ladder of stardom.

Revealed Recordings

Revealed Recordings is an electronic music label that has been hogging the spotlight as of late. It is an independent record label of Dutch origins, and was founded in the year 2010 by electronic music producer and DJ Robbert Van de Corput, who is more commonly known as Hardwell. The music produced under this label falls in the category of Big Room House, commercial Dance, Progressive House and Electro House music. Now these genres are rather contemporary, so it is important that we acquaint ourselves with them before proceeding further with the details about Revealed Recordings.

Genres of Revealed Recordings

Big Room House: This genre came into being as recent as 2010. The genre began to develop and become popular through electronic dance music oriented festivals and events. Big Room tracks are characterized by Dutch House influences, and they also include “drops” that revolve around minimalist. Other features of Big Room are, percussion drops, regular beats, sub-bass layered kicks, simple melodies and synth driven breakdowns. Electro House and Big Room are very similar in nature. More on that when we talk about Electro House. Big Room has received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. While some around enjoying the novelty of this “young” genre, others have described it as a stereotypical EDM that lacks uniqueness and creativity. Whichever the case is, Revealed Recordings are adamant on creating and promoting Big Room tracks till they become more mainstream and popular.

Electro House: Electro House is another signature genre of the Revealed Recordings label. Electro House can be seen as a fusion genre. In other words, it is basically a combination of Electronic music and House music. Electro House music is influenced by electroclash, pop, synthpop, and tech house. Renowned DJs such as Kaskade, Knife Party, Madeon, Porter Robinson and Zedd have popularized Electro House.

Progressive House: This is a subgenre of House music. It came into being in the early 1990s, when House music was at the peak of its popularity. It’s region of birth is the United Kingdom, where it developed as a natural progression of American and European House music of the late 1980s. Progressive House has strong connections with Trance music. As a matter of fact, the Trance music of the 1990s was an inspiration for development of Progressive House. Electronic music labels, Revealed Recordings in particular, are concentrating in improving the quality of Progressive House music. Their combined efforts have allowed Progressive House to be ranked as one of the top genres at TopDeejays.

Commercial Dance: Whereas Dance music is often considered as an exclusive property of the underground music territory, Commercial Dance music is more palatable and mainstream. Commercial Dance music is produced for the casual listeners and the general audience as opposed to the diehard fans of EDM. Tracks pertaining to commercial dance are often played in music/night clubs, and the genre itself is now being incorporated into various mainstream pop songs. Revealed Recordings has made use of Commercial Dance music to step into the ramp of popularity.

Hardwell’s Influence on Revealed Recordings

Hardwell is a household name in the world of Electronic Dance music. His country of birth is Netherlands, which coincidentally happens to be the place where a huge number of talented DJ’s and music producers live. Currently, he’s been on a hot streak as he claimed the number one spot in the DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 DJs poll back to back in the year 2013 and 2014. What makes Hardwell so enthralling are his live sets at major music festivals such as Tomorrowland or Ultra which leaves the crowd completely mesmerized. His performances are so electrifying that their videos have garnered above 100 million views on Youtube. As of now, Hardwell has over 2 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Hardwell made his remix debut in the year 2003. His first release was his customized version of The Underdog Project’s “Summer Jam 2003” hit the clubs. 4 years later, in 2007, he famously remixed the stadium techno act Scooter (Lass Unz Tanzen) and partnered with fellow DJ Greatski on the well known track “Never Knew Love”. These were the early career accomplishments for Hardwell. However, it wasn’t until 2009, that the grabbed the proverbial brass ring and started making waves in the world of Electronic Dance Music. His bootleg of “Show Me Love vs Be” earned him the recognition that he was seeking.

On the back of this success, Hardwell initiated the Revealed Recordings label in the year 2010. As soon as the label began operations, Hardwell launched the release of Hardwell presents Revealed, a compilation album. This album is brought out every single year, and it features the biggest hits of the year that were released under the umbrella of Revealed Recordings.

Hardwell didn’t stop there. He continued to expand his work in an effort to shed further exposure to Revealed Recordings. In the year 2010, Hardwell came up with his very own radio show and podcast which is now known as Hardwell On Air. This show is broadcast on a number of domestic and international radio stations. Impressively, Hardwell’s podcast cracked into iTune’s Top 10 Podcasts list in a number of countries. His collaboration with Tiesto and Zero 76 reaped huge rewards for his brand name and Revealed Recordings as the tracks turned out to be the biggest club hits of the year. His single even acquired the number one spot on Beatport and on the American iTunes dance chart.

Hardwell journey to the land of success resumed in the year 2012. Tracks such as the solo original Spaceman became the foundation for the progress of Revealed Recordings. In July 2012, Hardwell ascertained his spot among the best DJ’s in the world as he performed at center stage in Tomorrowland. If you are wondering how good his performance was, then check out the Youtube video, it has over 21 million views.

2013 was a big year for Revealed Recordings as Hardwell launched a nationwide “Hardwell presents Revealed: Canadian Bus Tour”. DJs Dyro and Dannic, who are among the first DJs to have begun work with Revealed Recordings, were a part of this tour. Once this tour was done and dusted, a second tour captivated the listeners nationwide. This was called “Go Hardwell or Go Home”. Instead of Canada, it took place in the United States. This turned out to be a superb way of promoting Revealed Recordings, its music and its artists. The video of his performance in the main stage of Ultra Music Festival went unrealistically viral as it hit 22 million views on Youtube. It is the most watched live DJ set on Youtube. The previous record belongs to Hardwell as well. With each record that Hardwell breaks, Revealed Recordings takes a giant leap forward in the world of Electronic Dance music.
The popularity of Hardwell is not confined to North America or Europe only. He proved that be venturing on his “I Am Hardwell” world tour in April 2013. He sold out shows in places that are not known for harbouring electronic music enthusiasts such as Jakarta, Singapore, Bangalore and Mumbai. He even performed in big cities such as London and Lisbon, where the fans were thoroughly amused to see their favourite DJ perform in front of them.

Besides radio shows, podcasts and live sets, Hardwell has also had a documentary made after him. The documentary shares the same name as his world tour, “I Am Hardwell”. The film provides an exclusive insight into the life and career of the DJ, and also sheds light on Revealed Recordings. Very few music labels in the world have had as much exposure as Revealed Recordings has had, and all of that has to do with the explosive success of the world’s current best DJ, Hardwell.

What’s more impressive is that, at the age of 25, Hardwell is the youngest DJ to top the DJ magazine’s annual Top 100 DJs poll. This means that there is still a long way to go for Hardwell and Revealed Recordings. At the rate at which they are growing, it may not be too long before Hardwell and Revealed Recordings become one of the most recognizable brands in all of music let alone electronic music.

State of the Art Dance Label

Revealed Recordings boast the tag of being one the top dance labels in the world. For some fans, they already are the best in the business. This is highly commendable given the fact that Revealed Recordings started its journey only 4 years ago in 2010. In its short lifespan, the label has produced tracks that have almost always grabbed notable positions in music charts in Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

Revealed Recordings has also become a recognized name in various online music stores such as Beatport. Hardwell’s Apollo is one of the most popular tracks in the label which has amassed massive commercial success. This track features Amba Shepherd’s vocal, and was at the peak of the Beatport Top 100 for 13 consecutive days in the December of 2012. Another track by Revealed Recordings, The Code by W&W featuring Ummet Ozcan, claimed pole position in the Beatport top 100. The label has produced a few other tracks that have reached top spot in the Beatport list such as Mystica by Blasterjaxx, Blueprint by Sick Individuals and Dannic, and Burn by KSHMR and DallasK. In short, the music label has been churning out chart toppers by the bucket load.

The quality of the audio that is released by Revealed Recordings is undoubtedly top notch. However, the label has also been making an impact when it comes to releasing singles that display an artistic touch. These singles are catered for both the hardcore fans of Electronic music as well as casual listeners who gravitate towards mainstream pop. The most successful single that can be accredited to Revealed Recordings is Hardwell’s Apollo which has peaked at 26 in the Dutch Top 40 charts. This is quite an accomplishment for an Dance Music label, which aren’t known for releasing singles, let alone popular ones. Another single from Revealed Recording founder Hardwell, known as “Dare You” has received raving reviews from fans and critics. The single has attained commercial success as it entered the UK singles chart at number 18. “Dare You” has also been incorporated into advertisements for television programs like Strictly Come Dancing.

Signed Artists

Revealed Recordings have acquired the services of 13 DJs as of now. Hardwell, the founder of the label, heads the illustrious line-up of artists working under the umbrella of Revealed Recordings. Here’s a list of all the other artists who are officially signed with Revealed Recordings.

1) Dannic
2) Dyro
3) W&W
4)Kill The Buzz
5) Firebeatz
6) Julian Calor
7) Thomas Newson
8) Paris & Simo
9) Joey Dale
10) Jordy Dazz
11) Jewelz & Scott Parks
12) JoeySuki

Judging by that star studded line-up, it can be said without a doubt that Revealed Recordings is well equipped to take over the Electronic Dance Music world.

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