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Skrillex Speaks About Love & Acceptance At Solaris Festival


Sonny John Moore, aka Skrillex, has always been one to push positivity and love in his music. This past weekend it was no different as the dubstep boy wonder pushed the same message at the Solaris Winter Music Festival 2014, which was held  in Toronto, Canada. The festival began on Friday, the 26th of December and wrapped up on Sunday the 28th of December 2014, with roughly 6,000 people in attendance.

The 26 year old stopped the music during his set so that he could speak to the crowd which was amped with energy. The speech came just a day after a brawl broke out in the crowd during one of the festival days. It’s possible that the brawl might have been what prompted Skrillex to go ahead and include the part about no fighting in his speech. He mentioned that there’s something special going on with this generation which mustn’t be taken for granted. He also prompted the crowd to carry on with the spirit of positivity in 2015 and to share love with all the people around them who are outcasts and outsiders. The energetic crowd responded very well to the positive message with a loud round of applause/noise. Seeing such a positive display from a major EDM star is very encouraging and hopefully more positivity will be spread at various shows and festivals so that occurrences of violence at events are minimized.

The Solaris Winter Music Festival is held annually in Toronto and this year it featured Skrillex, Boys Noize, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Adventure Club, and several other EDM DJs and producers. Skrillex will perform alongside Diplo at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night, on New Year’s Eve.

You can watch the video of Sonny’s speech below. A transcription of the roughly two-minute long speech by Skrillex is also available beneath the video for you to read since the audio in the video is not too clear at some points.

“You all are beautiful! Give a round of applause for yourselves! All of you, you too! I feel your energy, I can see an ocean of faces all sweaty, all crazy… Now we are going into the New Year! This is crazy, the last few years. In Electronic Music in North America, Canada, everywhere over this area it’s crazy. Because all this, you guys out here, doing this for years! Going, listening, this is our generation right now! And looking at the audience I see so many different types of people! I see black kids, white kids, Chinese kids, Asian kids, Russian kids, Puerto Rican kids, Mexican kids, all you guys are here now! That’s amazing man. There is some special shit going on in our generation right now. Let’s not take that for granted. We need, into the New Year, let’s go in together. Let’s take this positivity over into 2015, because we need more positive shit on this planet. I feel like this is what it’s about man, we got 6,000 people here, no one is fighting and everyone is having a good time. I’m so impressed on this stage looking at you, I really am, I really appreciate your energy. So in 2015 let’s carry over this positivity, let’s spread it and make it bigger and better, and more soulful and more real than it ever has been before. But it’s not just up to me it’s up to you guys! Really. I’m just one person its all about all of you people, it’s amazing energy in this room. This music is for everybody – it’s for the outcasts, it’s for the cool people, it’s for the fat kids, it’s for the skinny kids, it’s for the gay kids, the straight kids. The aliens! The yellow people, the purple people, the black people, the white people, No matter who you are this is for you. If you see someone at your school, or at your work and they look left out man, all you gotta do, our New Years Resolution is hold a hand out, in 2015 and say ‘Hey, it’s alright. I know how it is.’ Make some noise for love in 2015.”


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