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Stereo Productions

Why base a record label in Madrid? Sure, it may be a convenient location – it’s in the middle of Spain, but it’s not as if convenient shipping is a burden of the electronic music industry. It is in a western Europe that has a larger appetite for independent electronic music than anywhere else, so I suppose that’s a plus.

Really, though, you need only look to the free Sunday Morning, Ibiza closing releases to see why Stereo-Productions is more than merely strategically located in a globalized world. They’re primed to pump the very best into and out of the one place on Earth where electronic music is the basis for its economy.

Seems like a sound business plan to me, but more importantly, it sounds like one. From Alex Costa to Danny Tenaglia, the DJs signed to this label have been Ibiza-bound from the very beginning. This label is all about the beats, and they make that clear in every aspect of their business.

Go and check out their Facebook page or the website, and you’ll be presented with the best and latest soundwaves that are making Ibiza hop. Chus & Ceballos serve up a new hour every week, travelling the world to bring Stereo-Productions to the world and the world to Stereo-Productions.

As a celebration of their dedication to the scene, Chus & Ceballos even headed to the desert to play Black Rock City at last year’s Burning Man. Any label dedicated enough to send two crazy DJs on a life-changing journey, well, they’ve got a check in this reviewer’s book. You can catch the performance on Stereo-Production’s Facebook page, and it’s worth a look.

So they indulge their DJs, but what’s truly impressive about Stereo-Productions is that they indulge absolutely everyone. Better still, they inspire them. Their Sounds Packs give aspiring creators more layers to add to their individual inspiration, with professional samples and loops that bring new levels to newer sounds.

The important thing to keep in mind about Stereo-Productions is that they’re dealing with varied talent groups in various industries in real time. They’re using their artists to keep a corporate pulse on what’s going on in the hottest clubs the world has ever known, while still belting out cutting edge performances in places like Black Rock City to not only expose their artists’ works to new crowds, but also exposing their artists to the ideas of out-of-the-box thinkers.

I wish I could give you an overall assessment of the music coming out of Stereo-Productions, but trying to do so would be like trying to sing the songs that are sung by synthesizers in Madrid and broadcast to Ibiza. To put the most traditionally encompassing yet contemporarily aware electronic music on a pedestal to be judged is clearly not the goal of this company.

The goal, it seems, from an outside view, is that Stereo-Productions is about the here and the now, in whatever form the here and now takes. If it’s the past catching up to the future, combining with the future, or embracing the future and morphing into a new classic, the important place of this label’s music is in the hearts of the people.

If Ibiza were the heart of the world, Stereo-Productions would be an important artery. If Stereo-Productions were an important artery, then we could all be veins the distribute the love of the beautiful music that’s created here.


Stereo-Productions regular artist roster: Chus, Pablo Ceballos,  Chus & Ceballos, David Herrero, Oscar de Rivera, Oscar L, Pakito Baeza, Patrick M, Rafa Barrios

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