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Steve Lawler Bringing out the Deep and Sexy Style of House Music

Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler is a British House musician, and is one of the most renowned artists in the field. This does not come as much of a surprise. The northern part of Europe has given birth to so many legendary electronic musicians down the years. The British artists may not be as famed or popular as their Dutch counterparts, but they are worthy contenders of being the greatest nonetheless. To those with the slightest interest in House music, Steve Lawler needs no introduction. As for those who have not heard of this man, buckle up, you are about to be told the story of a man who can get people moving with a simple flick of his fingers. He is one of the very few musicians in the world who is as loved by his peers as he is by his loyal fans. As far as current affairs go, he is one of the most in demand and in form House artist there is.

Early Life of Steve Lawler

It was at the tender age of 16 that Steve Lawler first expressed a deep interest in the field of music. Back then, he was a fan of pirate radio stations. Youngsters in those days did not have the liberty of hosting parties at will. However, Lawler was adamant about expressing his musical skills. He hosted a series of illegal parties in a tunnel under the M42 motorway from 1990 to 1994. This garnered underground popularity towards him and his particular style of music. He soon became the defiant, rebellious voice of the youth who had an undying passion for electronic music. These outlawed and underground parties helped him gather crowds of 500 on a consistent basis. As a result, he earned a spot at proper clubs. He now had the stage to himself, and the world was waiting for him to come out of the blocks and shine like a golden star.


Career Breakthrough for Lawler

His first big break came in the year 1995. This was when DJ Byson requested him to play at Ibiza’s reputed Cafe Mambo of San Antonia Sunset Trip Fame. As you can imagine, it was a mammoth of opportunity for a young Lawler to climb up into the big leagues with a single performance. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and created a dazzling first impression on the Ibiza crowd. 2 years later, there was another huge breakthrough in his young career. He came into contact with Darren Hughes of the nightclub Cream. Soon after, he started working as a resident artist at the Cream. This was his first real, stable and big money job. In the 3 years that followed, Steve Lawler kept the crowd fired up regularly at the Cream. He was doing his job better than everybody else around him. All the eyes were on him, and his music was soon becoming irresistible.


Collaboration Work, Residency and Hit Single

The next stage of development for Lawler was the creation of a mix compilation series. He came up with his first series titled “Dark Drums” in the year 2000. In this same year, he left his job at the Cream to start a new residency at another venture of Darren Hughes called the Club Home. In there, he had his own Friday Nights special called Deep South. It continued till the club shut down in 2001. Being a person who loves to adapt and change, Lawler’s success was not stunted by the closure of the club. He released the single “Rise In” on Bedrock Records which reached the impressive position of number 50 on the UK Singles Chart. It reached number 15 on BillBoard’s Hot Dance/Music Play. Following the release of “Rise In” he collaborated with Boxed to create the third entry in their “Nubreed” series. This was called the Nubreed 003. Once Nubreed was released, Lawler put forward the proposal for the “Lights Out” series. In the year 2001, Lawler began running a night in his hometown of Birmingham. This was called the Midweek Session and it continued for only 12 exclusive parties. He then returned to London in the year 2002 to kick start the Harlem Nights project at The End. What transpired turned out to be one of the most successful nights of The End’s. The Harlem Nights experienced much greater success than any of Lawler’s previous projects. As a matter of fact, it ran for 7 straight years. It was not only his sheer brilliance that catapulted him to the top of the House music hierarchy in Britain and Europe. His longevity and his resilience had huge roles to play in molding him as one of the globally recognized stars of House music.

The Formation and Success of VIVa Music

VIVa Music is the brainchild of Steve Lawler. This label was founded in the year 2006, which makes it a relatively new project. Despite the newness of the label, it has earned heaps of reputation in a very short amount of time thanks to Lawler’s tireless efforts and commendable dedication towards the label. The label is now known as an institution for discovering raw gems in the music industry and nurturing them to unveil their full potential. Some of the more well known tracks of VIVa records have been created and/or compiled by artists such as Reboot, Audiofly, Simon Baker, Jamie Jones, David Squillace, Luca Bacchetti, Bushwacka, Livio & Roby, Dragosh, Leon, Plasmik, Ripperton, Illario Alicante and many others. The label is subjected to heavy patronage by several House and Techno celebrities. The purpose of this label is to give youngsters a platform and a bag full of opportunities to make a name for themselves in the international stage. Since its inception in the year 2006, several artists have emerged through VIVa records, and are now reaping the rewards of having placed their future in the hands of Lawler’s impeccable organization.

VIVa Music is basically a mixing pot for all of Lawler’s experiences as a veteran musician. From starting out with illegal raves in the streets to work with the most high profile artists such as Justin Timberlake, VIVa Music puts all of these remnants of Lawler’s talent and magnificence into its tracks. Steve Lawler has a widescreen vision and VIVa Music has played a huge role is bringing that vision out to his fans and the critics.

Steve Lawler Viva Warriors

A Committed and Passionate Artist

As an artist, Steve Lawler is as sought after as they get. His releases and remixes have found a place in some of the world’s most established recording labels including R&S Records, Systematic, Drumcode, Cocoon, HartHouse, OVUM, Tsuba, Souvenir, Rekids, Boxer Sport, Be as One, Monique, Kostbar and host of others. He can be described as one of the most dynamic, driven and determined artists in the face of planet Earth. He places the utmost emphasis on putting up blood curdling performances that keep the crowd alive and riveted. As mentioned before, he was perhaps one of the first few artists to have made House music sound deep and sexy. He says that the source of his inspiration lies vices and dark experiences. He has a soft corner for the Depeche Mode and the Doors and he tries to emulate the essence of their music in his tracks. He is also a very big aficionado of Danny Tenaglia. He models himself after Tenaglia who is known to be a die hard practitioner of clubbing and DJ-ing.

Steve Lawler has been married to music for nearly 25 years now. With so much knowledge, enthusiasm and experience in store, one can only assume that he will continue to make VIVa Music a huge success in the days to come.

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