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Armada Is Revolutionizing Electronic Music

The electronic dance music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Electronic music may be the new kid on the block, with respect to other genres of music, but it certainly has the potential to become the standard bearer for modern day music. To say that electronic music is immensely popular would be an understatement. Electronic Music Electronic music originated in ...

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Shedding Light on the Soulful Tech House

The diversity of genres in the world of music is mind boggling. Music has more variety today than it ever did. Each genre of music caters to a specific set of listeners. Musicians are constantly perfecting the art of these genres to appease these listeners. Not all genres have an equal level of popularity or exposure. Some are more loved ...

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An Exclusive Insight into the Unearthly Tomorrowland

Music festivals have been at the heart of celebration and entertainment for decades now. To truly have a taste of extraordinary music, you need to do more than listen to recorded tracks on your music player. A live performance in front of hundreds and thousands of passionate spectators is what music is all about. Introducing Tomorrowland  Music festivals are a ...

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Australia Embracing Electronic Music through Stereosonic

Australia has been home to some of the finest musicians in the world. They may not be as popular as those in the west, but they certainly are not in want of musical talent and skills. Their music has captivated the whole world, Gotye being the most recent example. When it comes to electronic music, Australia is definitely not lagging ...

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