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Armada Is Revolutionizing Electronic Music

The electronic dance music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Electronic music may be the new kid on the block, with respect to other genres of music, but it certainly has the potential to become the standard bearer for modern day music. To say that electronic music is immensely popular would be an understatement. Electronic Music Electronic music originated in ...

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Trance Music

TRANCE MUSIC Trance music became extremely popular during the 1990’s and reference can be traced back to Great Britain’s band, The KLF, on their 1988 track ‘What Time is Love’. In fact, the record sleeve was annotated “pure trance”. Still, there is even earlier evidence of the music slowly morphing into what is now labeled trance. French electronic musician Jean ...

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Armin Van Buuren

 A Musician Entrancing the World Amongst the progressive music scene, there is one man that drives ambitiously forward through his exuberance and unrelenting devotion for music. This man is one of the utmost influential musicians that have shaped the EDM genre, where he continuously strives to uphold his position as the emissary for the trance movement.  Born with an eye ...

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