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Tiesto Scores A Water Show At Efteling

AVENCHES :  Tiesto performs during 20th Rock Oz'Arenes

Renowned Dutch DJ and EDM icon Tiesto has been very busy with a lot of things lately. He went back to his homeland where he took part in a show at Efteling theme park. The park is the largest in the Netherlands and the third largest in the world. The show was titled Aquanura which makes sense because it was a water-themed show within the Aquanura fountain system. Tiesto provided the soundtrack to the entire event and it was impressive as usual. The EDM veteran mixed things up by playing some old tracks back-to-back with some newer material. There were also interludes interspersed throughout the show which utilized mostly cinematic sounds, riffs, and bridges.

The show’s magnitude almost rivaled what you would expect to see at a Tiesto festival performance. There were strobe lights, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, and a variety of effects, all of which helped to keep the audience excited and in awe. One noticeable detraction though was the size of the audience. It was quite small. The DJ has performed in stadiums in front of thousands of people so the Aquanura show was considerably smaller than what the DJ normally performs to. However, that did not take away from the quality of the show which was top notch. The songs transitioned flawlessly and the visuals were on point; matching the music perfectly to provide an audio-visual feast.

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Aquanura is not the first water-themed show that Tiesto has taken part in. Earlier this year he scored a water show at the Bellagio water fountains in Las Vegas, Nevada which marked the first time a DJ scored a show of that magnitude. Seeing as the Aquanura was considerably smaller it’s probably safe to assume that the veteran DJ felt less pressure to deliver. The fact that dance musicians such as Tiesto are being engaged to score big shows like Aquanura and the Bellagio water fountains is testament to the growing influence of EDM on music culture. EDM has grown in leaps and bounds so much so that it has influenced other popular music forms such as hip hop, pop, and even some sub-genres of rock music.

Other than the water shows and various performances Tiesto also released his fifth studio album titled A Town Called Paradise earlier this year. The album featured the hit single Wasted. Wasted has been certified silver in the UK for selling more than 200,000 copies, and gold in the USA by managing to sell more than 500,000 copies. The single has also charted in more than 15 countries making it a commercial success.

Although the year is about to end, Tiesto is making sure he makes the most of the remaining few days. Seeing as we are currently in the festive season and there are a lot of parties and celebrations, he has a number of scheduled shows in the USA, Canada, and Dominican Republic which will take place in the coming few days. He’s also scheduled to perform at The Day After Festival in Panama City, Panama in mid-January. To get more information and to buy tickets for his upcoming shows you can visit his Facebook page.

You can watch the 13 minute set held at Efteling in the video below. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments section.

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