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Trailer For ‘Enter The Dangerous Mind’ (EDM Movie) Released


EDM’s influence on pop culture has grown exponentially the past few years and there are no signs that the momentum will run out any time soon. The genre is now headed for the silver screen in the form of a feature length Hollywood horror flick titled Enter the Dangerous Mind (EDM). The film is scheduled for release on Sunday the 15th of February, but in the mean time a theatrical trailer has been released to tantalize your taste buds.

This is no doubt a huge step forward for the genre as film is a medium which can bring in new fans due to the soundtrack which consists of electronic dance music. The story revolves around an EDM producer who hears a voice in his head and has to make electronic dance music in order to maintain his sanity. Eventually he goes totally nuts and goes on a murder spree. He starts out by trying to extract a piece of his own brain…yes you read correctly. A supportive father and a psychiatrist try to keep him in check and he’s prescribed a number of drugs to keep him chemically balanced. He also has a girlfriend who supports him and tries to help him work through his issues. It seems to be a stereotypical horror flick, so don’t expect too much. One can’t help but think that the film has elements taken from other films that deal with schizophrenia such as Fight Club. However, you can’t always predict what people will respond to.

Youssef Delara and Victor Teran wrote the script and directed the film. Jake Hoffman plays the lead role of the crazed music producer. Nikki Reed plays his girlfriend, Thomas Dekker provides the menacing voice in Hoffman’s head, while Scott Bakula plays the role of his father. Some of these are relatively notable names in the film industry so it gives a sense of confidence that at least a decent amount of effort has been put into the film, and even if the story is not enough to entice you, the cast or at least the music should be able to.

Based on the trailer it seems the film has a very bass heavy EDM soundtrack, there’s plenty of drug use and fast living, plenty of blood, and plenty of gore which should be expected since this is a horror movie after all. Although trance is often the soundtrack to many EDM scenes in the film it seems this particular film offers a variety of styles which is refreshing. Towards the end of the trailer you can even hear a touch of American brostep – the genre popularized by America’s dubstep posterboy Skrillex.

We can only wait and see what the film has to offer and regardless of the outcome of the production the fact that a movie centering around EDM is coming out of a Hollywood studio is a major victory for EDM as a whole. Hopefully this is not the first or last feature film to embrace the genre, and hopefully we will see the genre going in other directions such as comedy, drama, action, etc. Who knows, one day an EDM track might win the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Hip Hop, a genre which was sidelined from the Academy Awards for a long time managed to win that award on two separate occasions in the early 2000’s. EDM can do it too and this film should provide a stepping stone towards such achievements for future filmmakers and lovers of the EDM genre. You can watch the first official trailer of the soon to be released film in the video below. Let us know what you think of it.


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