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Zooly Reveals Influences; Discusses Career Highs and Lows


The folks over at YourEDM recently caught up with trapstep producer Zooly and had what seems to have been a very engaging  interviewed. The young producer has been actively producing music since 2012 and has mostly dabbled with a fusion of trap and dubstep; often blurring the lines of the two genres. Perhaps one of the things that makes him unique is the way he fuses west coast hip hop with his trap beats; a fact that made more sense once he mentioned who his musical influences are; “all the classics man. Dr. Dre, Snoop, even Biggie, but mainly old school west coast hip hop artists like Tupac, Eazy Y etc. I try to progress from that instrumental movement just with my own sound,” the young producer said when he was asked about his musical influences.

When asked his thought about genres and categorization of music he said “it’s just music it’s fine if you want to label it, but people shouldn’t let genres define their musical tastes.” When you sit around die-hard EDM fans you realize just how ridiculous the whole genre discussion can get considering the myriad of sub-genres that exist under the electronic dance music umbrella. So it was a pretty noble statement for Zooly to make, and it was believable coming from him since his production speaks volumes about what he thinks of music.

On the topic of career highs and lows he mentioned that one of the biggest challenges he faces is competition from other artists. Some artists are like content factories who release new material very often, and that can bring a sense of insecurity to an artist who doesn’t put out as much content. However, he hinted that he doesn’t let it get to him as he values quality  over quantity. On career highs he mentioned that he loves shows, tours, and engaging with his fans.


In the course of the discussion he mentioned that he started out using a demo version of FL Studio, a music production suite which has experienced a rise in popularity over the years, and in one instance made a track and released it one day due to the inability to save in the demo version of the program. He mentioned that one day releases are not always the case as he can sometimes take months to complete a single track. he confirmed that he now has the full version of FL Studio and he uses CDJ 900’s during his live performances.

When asked about who he would love to collaborate with he mentioned fellow trap aficionado Diplo. “I admire him so much I mean he’s basically built an empire and I want to be at that level eventually. I feel like I could learn so much from him musically and otherwise,” Zooly said. He mentioned that his loves anything with a “good melody and a trappy bassline,” especially music by Diplo, Flosstradamus, and Milo & Otis.

He’s still a young guy and is relatively new on the music scene, however it seems he’s destined for big things in the future. He’s one of the new cats in town together with Skrillex, Madeon, and Porter Robinson, who despite their age are likely to turn the EDM world upside down.

His most popular track ‘You Should Know’ was released nearly two years ago and although people responded well to it it’s not difficult to see that he was far less experienced in the art of mixing at the time he made it. You can hear a massive improvement in his overall sound thanks to experience.


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